Saturday, June 19, 2010

Batman, again

36"x 36"
Oil on canvas
I wasn't happy with the original piece, so I decided to go back and work on it. Changed the eyes and the background. Mixed "newer" Batman w/Adam West Batman.
I once saw Adam West in person at a book signing. Total coincidence, but still cool to see him. He was of course in civilian clothes, but something that struck me funny then, now, and every time I think about it was his shoes. Batman was wearing Birkenstocks. Nothing wrong with them, but I just never envisioned Batman with Birkenstocks.

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Caroline Bray Art said...

Well, when you're fighting the villians of Gotham you'd better make sure you have comfortable shoes on. We wouldn't want the Joker getting away due to a nasty blister now would we? ;o)

Another great work Tom. I'm always amazed by how much colour you squeeze into your paintings. It's awesome!