Friday, March 6, 2009

Lovetts Spring Perspective

Well, the Lovetts Spring Perspective opening was Feb.26 and it was awesome! Courtney(my wife) and I drove up the day before to drop off my final four paintings for the show. We were both very impressed with the gallery…really a beautiful space. This was also the first time to meet Waylon Summers in person. Waylon is the Gallery Director at Lovetts, and I can’t say enough good things about him. Super nice guy and very much “in the know” about art. We also met Jack Summers, owner of Lovetts and Waylon’s dad. Just like Waylon, Jack was a pleasure to meet. That evening, Jack and Waylon took us to dinner. Maurice Evans and Chapel (two other artists in the show) joined us, along with Christina Burke (curator, Philbrook Museum of Art). Good food, interesting conversation. Christina invited us to visit the Philbrook while in town, so the next day we did. Courtney opted for a spa treatment at the hotel, so Maurice, Chapel and I drove over to the museum. In addition to a beautiful structure and stunning gardens, the Philbrook offered a very impressive and extremely diverse collection of art.
The night of the opening was impressive too. There was a huge turn out and the place looked great. The pieces in the gallery were beautifully lit, but the ambient lighting proved to be a challenge for Courtney's little Nikon…or her photography skills…maybe both. End result: less than spectacular photos, but I wanted to share a few anyway.
James Smith, another artist in the show was there and we traded stories about our teaching experiences. The fifth artist in the show, Mateo Romero, was unable to attend the opening.
Thanks again to Waylon and Jack who have been terrific to work with and whose hospitality went above and beyond. Waylon’s enthusiasm and drive to increase public awareness about art is inspiring. Check out his blog, Western Perspectives.

To see available work or inquire about a piece, just visit the Lovetts Gallery website.

A few pics from the show.


m collier said...

Congrats on the show -- your pieces look great !!

T.Ford said...

Thanks M!

Alvin Richard said...

Hi Todd,
You deserve it! Thanks for sharing that great evening with all of those who so admire what you do! Kudos!

T.Ford said...

Thanks Alvin, I really appreciate that!

Kathy said...

I'm very proud of you! Your work looks awesome!

T.Ford said...

Thanks Kathy!
Good to hear from you!

Alvin Richard said...

I've just watch the slide show it all red dots on the bottom of the title cards? YA!!!

Vic said...

Looks fantastic Todd!