Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Work

My blog doesn't reflect the amount of time spent in the studio lately, so I decided to go ahead and post some new work. All are oil on gallery stretched canvas.
Broken No.10, 24"x20"
Tied Up No.4, 24"x20"
Pitcher This No.2, 24"x24".
click pic for a larger view


Alvin Richard said...

All are sublime, you seem to be in tip top shape. All the best to you and your family in 2009.

T.Ford said...

Thanks Alvin. Hope you and your family have a great 09 too!

Cheryl McCarley said...

These are WONDERFUl!!!
Happy New Year, Todd!

Waylon Summers said...

Broken Bottle, Superb!

Btw, if I was to ask you "Why did you paint that," how would you respond?

I am just wondering!

T.Ford said...

Thanks Cheryl! Happy New Year to you too!

Thanks Waylon
Well, I have painted variations of broken bottles because it ties in with a theme that I enjoy exploring: soft vs. hard /sharp vs. smooth. While there is no flowing fabric or drops of liquid with the bottle pieces, the fragments themselves have a sort of duality. The smooth contours of the bottle contrasted w/ the sharp, fragmented edges. Plus, in an attempt to create something "non cookie cutter", I hope I can produce a painting that creates visual interest with subject matter that is less than optimal.

David McGuire said...

As the proud owner of Broken No.9, I can assure you that in person the level of detail is even more astonishing. It is only when you get within inches of the canvas and see the brushwork itself that you can truly reconcile "what you see" with "how it was done". Very, very good.