Sunday, September 28, 2008

Diamond-Newman Show

These are a few of my paintings in a three man show currently at Diamond-Newman in Boston.
The show, It's Not A Photograph, contains work by Greg Haynes, Andrew Gillet, and myself. The show will be up until October 31.


Joanne said...

Congratulations, Todd! The title of the show says it all - your realism is so incredible, we need to be reminded that it is indeed a gifted artist's painting - not a photo! All the best in the show.

T.Ford said...

Thank you Joanne!

Ambera said...

Awesome. They make a major impression.

T.Ford said...

Thanks Ambera.
By the way, I just noticed you have a new blog...looks really good! I have changed the link on my page to your new one.