Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spoon in Glass- Top View

Spoon, glass, drops, and reflections.


Jean Victory said...

I love the view on this one! How do you paint so fast? I'm so slow but who knows maybe I'll get quicker with time. Nice Job! Love the composition!

T.Ford said...

Thanks Jean.
I've always worked fast...but I guess "fast" is relative. I planned on just sketching this out and calling it a day, then I decided to paint a few drops...then I changed my mind again and decided to PAINT. I was pleased with it, since yesterday wasn't going to be a "painting" day!

Josephine said...

But don't you ever have to let the layers dry a bit before going back into it? How do you keep the colours so crisp when you work so quickly?

T.Ford said...

Josephine, no I really dont. I rarely need to go back into an area. keeping the colors crisp..well, I don't know how to easily answer that one. I just know where I want the color(s) to go. I start with darker values, work to light, and blend like crazy. If you would like, I can try to get a shot or two up close of the canvas and post it.

Josephine said...

That would be great! I guess that's the difficulty of viewing art online, flat glowing screens hide the inner workings a bit too much.