Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blue Jar on easel

Blue Jar, 18"x24"
New piece just completed.
Small glass jar overflowing a rich green satin fabric.


Melody said...

Absolutely gorgeous work Todd. Thanks so much for sharing.

Alvin Richard said...

Nice to see a photo that has not been cropped, really gives it more weight. I love the colors in this one, and the blue shadow that is cast in the resting surface. As always, it is brilliant. You have a very singular know that!

TFord said...

Melody and Alvin, glad you like it! Thanks for the nice comments!

m collier said...

Beautiful work. Nice to see your painting in reference to the actual size. I agree with Alvin defiantly give it weight.

TFord said...

Thanks M!
You guys are right about the uncropped image...maybe I should have used the blog image on my auction. It is very hard to convey the visual impact of a larger piece when it's reduced to a small cropped image on a computer screen.

Jean Victory said...

I really love this painting! Impressive!!! I can't wait to see your next piece. Happy New Year!

TFord said...

Thanks Jean!
Happy New Year to you as well!