Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Faded Glass


Top and bottom pieces of a broken bottle rendered using black and white along with a realistic color scheme. I typically do not create paintings layered with meaning, but I suppose this one could be an exception...I'll let you decide what it means to you, if anything.


Jean Victory said...

Thanks for the comments on my olives! I've been discouraged lately because there is so much to learn and I'm never happy with my work. I'm always impressed with your work and hopefully I'll reach your level someday.

Ambera said...

I'm really liking this broken bottle series. They look fantastic as a set, I find the subject matter really interesting. Complicated to paint, but well-worth the effort. It looks beautiful!

TFord said...

Thanks Ambera!
I thought these were pretty nice pieces too, but they don't seem well received by the eBay crowd.
Oh well...

Ambera said...

Hi Todd!
You'll have to tell me: what are the differences between flapjacks and pancakes?
It's really interesting that you were in the army. What made you change your career to painter?

TFord said...

Hey Ambera,
Flapjacks are like pancakes, but are made from cornmeal. I joined the Army reserve after high school and during college...never really a career....although I am a veteran of Desert Storm(the first one in 1990).
I've been a full time teacher since college, and somewhat of a fulltime painter for the last 2 years or so.